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When was the last time you ate cotton candy? Can’t remember? There’s something about a bunch of fluffed sugar that appeals to our higher instincts. But you really shouldn’t have to get high before you cater to the appetite of your inner 7-year-old. Why not multitask and do both at the same time?

Cannabis edibles have seemingly been around forever. Until recently they were mostly consumed on the fringe of polite society. But now, thanks to an explosion of interest in the therapeutic powers of CBD and THC, cannabis-derived edibles are sold in stores all over the country. Gummies, cookies, almonds, popcorn, sparkling water, you name it … if it can be ingested, it can probably be infused with cannabinoids, not to mention other cannabis ingredients. With the concerns about additives in vape cartridges and the proven “tar” that builds up in lungs from smoking marijuana, digesting seems a more healthy route (ok, granted the sugar in candy is not going to check a box in the healthy column).

Thankfully, cotton candy is no exception. A number of companies now sell marijuana cotton candy in an array of flavors and with varying doses of THC and CBD.

Marijuana Cotton Candy & the B Edibles Collective

Most famous for its infused candy floss, B Edibles was a San Diego-based cannabis company founded by Vanessa Corales towards the end of 2016.
One tub of the cotton candy product contained 100 milligrams of THC, and it was available in a range of flavors including rose, watermelon, apple, and lavender. The product’s label stated that it was “naturally gluten and allergen-free” and made with “non-GMO organic sugar.”
In addition to the marijuana cotton candy product, B Edibles also marketed the ‘Hello Sugar Cube’, touted as organic, medicated sugar, which could be used as a direct replacement for regular sugar.
The company’s products were sold through local San Diego dispensaries and one-off events (like Expo Weed Mexico 2017).

Edibles pros and cons

Edibles are a favorite choice of those seeking especially strong and long-lasting marijuana high. It might take more time for edibles to kick in (up to a couple of hours sometimes), but when they do, you immediately remember why you were willing to wait.

We have our digestive systems to thank for the famous potency of edibles. Here’s how it works. When you ingest food that has been laced with marijuana, the THC is forced to work its way through your gastrointestinal tract. Upon reaching your liver, it’s converted into a metabolite called 11-hydroxy-THC, which is five to ten times stronger than THC. The result is an intense high that endures for hours.

Others turn to edibles to avoid the harmful effects of smoking marijuana. When you light a joint, the combustion produces a chemical substance called tar. Most of us associate tar with cigarettes, but it’s a feature of cannabis smoke as well. And regardless of the source, tar contains toxic chemicals that can damage our long-term health.

You don’t have to worry about any of this with edibles, as there is no combustion involved.

The only pitfall with edibles is that they can be difficult to dose consistently. Also, their impact varies according to how long after your last meal you ingest them.

Why choose B Edibles?

Weddings, parties, mixers – bring a one of a kind treat to your event. You’ll find the experience entrancing! Our hand-spun cotton candy can be made with and without infusion to your guests’ preferences.
Organic cane sugar, organic flavors and lab-tested C02 oil means you can enjoy a B edible treat with delight. Naturally gluten, allergen-free and non-GMO, our infused cotton candy is perfect for sensitive types who want to enjoy a delightful edible.

The emergence of cotton candy edibles

It took a long time, but marijuana cotton candy is finally here. Today it can be enjoyed in flavors ranging from coconut and orange to rose and lavender. And in keeping with modern health consciousness, much of the edible candy floss on the market is manufactured with certified organic sugar and does not contain any artificial flavoring or coloring.

Note that some products contain very high levels of THC (up to 100 milligrams). So depending on where you live, cannabis cotton candy might only be available from a medical marijuana dispensary.

Alternatively, if you have a cotton candy machine at home, you can try confecting your own private batch. All you need is some flossine and a handful of THC candies.

B Edibles Cotton Candy Reviews

“I freaking LOVE the rose flavor! Candy floss is such a fun new edible, and I just loved it!”
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