A lot of the conversation around the legalization of marijuana talks about how it is a substance that should not be illegal. And people mention how alcohol is legal and that cannabis is nowhere near as potentially harmful to the body – either in the short or long term. And that is a great argument. But people should focus on the health benefits of cannabis. It is the reason why it should be legal anywhere in the world, regardless of how high someone can get from the THC in marijuana.

Here are five reasons why the focus should always be on medical marijuana:

  1. Glaucoma

There are now cannabis drugs that are being developed that are going to seriously target the pain that a person experiences related to glaucoma. It is a condition that can cause a lot of pressure on a person’s eyeball, which sometimes results in complete vision loss. And having this drug would be very helpful to so many people.

2. Nausea

Even before the legalization of marijuana was a major issue, people were taking cannabis if they were suffering from cancer. And the reason was not because of how it could help treat cancer, but how it helped them during chemotherapy.

If you are the type of person who gets nauseous easily, or you are going through chemo, then you will want to learn about how the THC in cannabis can help with nausea. It can make you feel a lot better and even boost appetite in situations where you are not feeling well. And the terpenes in cannabis promote calmness, which also helps people who are feeling down because of an illness. There are a myriad of drugs for treating Nausea, but just because a drug requires a prescription doesn’t mean it’s all-good.

3. Lungs

Many people assume that because you can smoke cannabis, it is bad for your lungs. Sure, smoking it regularly could have some harmful impact. But it is nowhere near as bad as smoking cigarettes. And it is said that if you consume marijuana regularly, it can boost lung capacity not reduce it! Consider flavouring up your cannabis with terpenes.

4. MS

Those who suffer from multiple sclerosis, or MS, have to go through a lot of pain and suffering because of the condition. But there is research indicating that because of the cannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis, you can get a dramatic reduction in the pain a person is experiencing because of MS. It has become a key part of MS treatment in Canada and other parts of the world.

5. Parkinson’s Disease

Research from a medical journal shows that marijuana can be used to help treat tremors in people who are suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. It can even help them with their motor skills, which was something that was not thought possible a few years ago.

The reality is that cannabis should be legal around the world. And it should be legal because there are millions of patients suffering from a range of conditions that could be helped if they were prescribed medical marijuana of various strains. Not only does cannabis have little long term negative impacts on the body, but it can seriously help those who are suffering from pain, nausea or an illness.

Photo Credit True Blue, 2019

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