What a lot of people do not realize about cannabis is that you have so many different options for consuming this substance. Most popular culture associates marijuana with smoking. And while it may be the most popular method of consuming this product, it is not the only one. Here is a look at the different methods of smoking cannabis and how they may impact your body.


The most common way people tried cannabis is smoking, which is very easy to set up and can be done in a few unique ways. For instance, you can use cigarette paper and create a joint out of the marijuana that you have. You can even use it with a gravity bong, regular bong, or a bowl. It is all about what you have on hand and what method you enjoy the most.

The only downside to this method is that it can be harmful for your lungs if you smoke a lot for many years. But it is generally safe, if you are only doing it one or two times a week.


Using a vaporizer is a new way to enjoy marijuana. You can do it through a bigger vaporizer or the smaller devices that you use to vape nicotine and e-juice. The good thing about this method is that you are not getting any of the harmful chemicals generated by smoke, as you are putting vapor into your lungs instead. And there is almost no smell, which makes it a stealth method of consuming marijuana orally. People often confuse cannabis or cbd vaping with vaping eliquid vaping that’s free of all cbd and THC. MyFreedomSmokes.com is a good example of a large e-commerce example of the latter.


Dabs are a way of taking the THC resin that is present from the cannabis plant and then heating it up with a blowtorch. You will need a specific glass pipe or bong so that you can make this happen. But what you get is a very strong high from the resin, while not having to take in very much smoke into the body at all. One hit is generally enough for most people.


Edibles are a big deal these days. You can buy cakes or cookies that have cannabis in them. You can even make food that has cannabis inside it. And you can do this to enhance the THC and terpenes that are present in cannabis strains. Since terpenes are responsible for the aroma and flavor, you can combine strains with certain foods to get a great overall effect.


The final method is through oil. You can get CBD oil legally almost anywhere in the world, while oil that has THC is also available in areas where marijuana is legal. The beauty of using oil is that you are able to add a few drops to your tongue and get a quick effect.

You can even place the oil into a beverage, if you would prefer to consume it in that way. It is entirely up to your personal preferences. But it is a very safe and quick effecting way to enjoy cannabis. Some people even add the oil into the food they are about to make!

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