There was a time when people thought of cannabis solely as a dangerous drug that had no place in society. But it appears the past couple decades have done a lot to change hearts and minds on this issue. While cannabis is still not fully legal in many parts of the United States, both medical and recreational legalization are getting a lot of traction in the past few years. And our cannabis magazine will be at the forefront of that journey.

We are cannabis enthusiasts who created this magazine because we wanted to share in our passion with others. We wanted you to know about the different strains of cannabis, the medical benefits of this substance and how you can grow it (if you live in a state where it is legal).

And the best way to share these experiences and information is through a magazine, as we can have exclusive interviews, behind the scenes coverage of cannabis legalization, profiles on stores that are opening up in various states, and other crucial pieces.

It is a magazine that is made by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. If you care about cannabis and you want to read more about the industry, then you will be happy to follow us for the latest news and articles. Even if you are a beginner who tried cannabis for the first time, we welcome you so that you can continue your journey. We have many beginner centric articles in our magazine.

And we are always looking to grow. We will be taking on new writers in the coming months, both freelance and full time. It will allow us to get the perspective of people from all around the world as we tell the story of cannabis in 2019 and beyond. We hope that you will join us on this journey as a loyal reader.